SEXY WISDOM: Primal, Light, & Shadow


We celebrate sexuality for its gifts of pleasure and connection, but conscious sexuality is a doorway to improved communication, empowerment, creativity, trust, healing, and more.

Sexy Wisdom in three realms:

The Primal:  following your instincts and honoring boundaries, safe dominant/submissive play, rough sex, biting, vocalization, & more

The Light:  affection, sensuality, play, joyful foreplay, intimacy, lovemaking, sensual play, Tantric sex, spiritual sex, healing

The Shadow:  exciting safe journeys into the unknown: Kink, BDSM, role-playing, bondage & discipline, sadism & masochism, & more

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SEXY WISDOM: Bring Your Fantasies to Life


Any fantasy you can imagine (sexual, sensual, kinky, loving, rough, unusual, etc.), you can bring it to life in a healthy way.

First, learn how to start letting go of your shame, and give yourself the freedom to fully enjoy whatever fantasies turn you on.

Second, dare to uncover your deepest desires.  Fully claim these desires as yours, knowing that there are healthy expressions for every fantasy.

Third, celebrate these desires on your own until you feel great during  and after.

Finally, learn how to literally bring your fantasies to life!

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VIDEO:  "Sexy Wisdom: Bring Your Fantasies to Life" with Daniel Sara, MA (2:05)